Tim Olds

Professor Tim Olds

Tim Olds is a Professor of Behavioural Epidemiology at the University of South Australia and his research interests have been in mathematical modelling of cycling performance, anthropometry, and more recently historical trends in sleep, fitness, fatness, physical activity and food intake, and the relationship between health and use of time.

In this session “How to Build Your Best Day”, Tim will address some challenging questions – how much sleep and physical activity do we really need and how long is too long to sit in a day? Tim looks at the way we use our time and its effects on our health, happiness and well-being. Use of time includes physical activity, sitting and sleep, while health outcomes can range from depression to diabetes, asthma to eczema.

Traditional approaches typically focus on just one aspect of time use. A new approach (compositional data analysis or CoDA) allows us to include the entire 24-h day in our models. In this presentation (guaranteed equation-free) Tim describes how CoDA is used to show how different mixes of time use are related to physical and mental health in kids and adults.