Dr Fiona Kerr

From the deeply personal to the globally significant, Dr Fiona Kerr is at the forefront of grappling with the essential questions of our time from the prism of human connection. Fiona has founded The NeuroTech Institute Pty Ltd, a multi-disciplined, independent body working at the intersection of neuroscience, emerging technology and ethical practice. She investigates how humans shape each other, how technology shapes us and thus how we should shape technology (as well as what should not be technologized), whether for the future of work, health care, ageing, learning and life.

Advising on areas such as fostering creativity and innovation, neuro-leadership and technology adoption, Fiona guides companies and governments to ensure maximum benefit from the unique qualities of both humans and AI. She spends time with fascinating organizations including Cirque du Soleil, Finland’s AI steering committee and US Defence, ranging across human connection and ideation to leadership and moral steerage.

Fiona is an international speaker and consultant, and is also a research fellow with SAHMRI and an adjunct at Adelaide University.