Beck Melville


Beck Melville specialises in workplace wellbeing and is passionate about affecting positive change and inspiring people to unlock their human potential. Executive roles in structured finance, leadership development, telecommunications, and Not For Profits both in Australia and internationally, means she has practical experience in helping teams to navigate and embrace change. With undergraduate qualifications in Commerce and Finance and postgraduate studies in Applied Positive Psychology at Melbourne University, Beck draws on a unique blend of business acumen and the latest research from the fields of positive psychology and neuroscience to support individuals and organisations to flourish.  Beck is the co-founder of the Wellbeing Lab and sits on the board of the social enterprise for Camp Quality.


Connection, Achievement, and Purpose: How to strategically build a modern workplace culture where people thrive, Dr Peggy Kern, University of Melbourne; Beck Melville, The Wellbeing Lab

Workplace cultures are increasingly faced with market disruptors, shifting business models, increasingly diverse workforces and new technologies, resulting in growing disconnection, underperformance, and a loss of purpose.

With the World Health Organization now recognising that burnout is an occupational phenomenon resulting from chronic workplace stress, supporting the wellbeing of workers has become the responsibility of every HR leader.

Modern workplace cultures need to attract talent, trigger innovation, offer a sense of belonging, shape great leaders and result in ongoing success.  Associate Professor Peggy Kern and Beck Melville will show how HR leaders can create a wellbeing strategy that builds connection, drives achievement, and creates purpose for employees and organisations as a whole.