A/Professor Peggy Kern

Dr Peggy Kern is an associate professor at the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education. Originally trained in social, personality, and developmental psychology, A/Prof Kern received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Arizona State University, a Masters and PhD in social/personality psychology from the University of California, Riverside, and additional postdoctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research is collaborative in nature and draws on a variety of methodologies to examine questions around who thrives in life and why, including: understanding and measuring healthy functioning, identifying individual and social factors impacting life trajectories, and systems informed approaches to wellbeing.  She has published 3 books and over 80 peer-reviewed articles and chapters. You can find out more about Dr Kern’s work at www.peggykern.org.


Connection, Achievement, and Purpose: How to strategically build a modern workplace culture where people thrive, Dr Peggy Kern, University of Melbourne; Beck Melville, The Wellbeing Lab

Workplace cultures are increasingly faced with market disruptors, shifting business models, increasingly diverse workforces and new technologies, resulting in growing disconnection, underperformance, and a loss of purpose.

With the World Health Organization now recognising that burnout is an occupational phenomenon resulting from chronic workplace stress, supporting the wellbeing of workers has become the responsibility of every HR leader.

Modern workplace cultures need to attract talent, trigger innovation, offer a sense of belonging, shape great leaders and result in ongoing success.  Associate Professor Peggy Kern and Beck Melville will show how HR leaders can create a wellbeing strategy that builds connection, drives achievement, and creates purpose for employees and organisations as a whole.