Some of the strategic themes/questions that may be addressed in plenaries and themed sessions include:

  • What is wellbeing and how can it be better defined and measured?
  • How do organisations create a healthy workforce and combat absenteeism whilst creating a healthy bottom-line?
  • What constitutes resilience training in the workplace and how is it best delivered?
  • What are the best-practice applications of positive psychology in workplaces that help to create an environment of wellbeing and flourishing?
  • Can gamification facilitate flow and enable positive change in organizations?
  • What steps can be taken to increase compassion in the workplace? What are the aspects of organisations that enable and block compassion? How can this be practically applied within an organization?
  • How can exercise be integrated into mainstream medical care to improve function, quality of life and psychological wellbeing?
  • How do we address the low levels of physical activity that contribute to preventable, lifestyle, chronic diseases which currently account for >80% of Australia’s health care costs?
  • How important are relationships to wellbeing and what constitutes a meaningful relationship? Are married people happier than single people and what role do friends, colleagues and social connections play in your state of wellbeing?
  • Research suggests that being in control of your finances leads to greater wellbeing! How do people gain greater control of their finances and how much money do you need to experience increased wellbeing?
  • There currently is no peak body in existence for wellbeing in Australia and it’s currently an unregulated industry. Should Australia establish a peak body and what would the protocol look like?

If you are interested in leading any of the above or suggesting additional sessions, please respond by providing the theme title and proposed format and a maximum of 100-word summary.

If you require additional information or would like to send some ideas through, please send to: contact@weh.org.au