Dr Graham Dodd

Graham is a retired Senior Lecturer at the University of South Australia and continues his longstanding research interests in the role of human motion in the healthy social, physical, emotional, cognitive, and physiological growth and development of individuals across the lifespan. Graham has written about this in his book ‘The Value of Human Motion’. His current focus is on the emerging global research evidence connecting human motion, cognitive (brain) development, enhanced learning & healthy optimal human development.

Graham was co-founder of Kindergym Australia (1980), co-creator of the Jump Rope for Heart program and school resources (1983) and co-founder of PE Week Australia (1984). He is also a winner of the 2006 Individual Carrick Award for Australian University Teaching and is a Fellow and Life Member of ACHPER. Graham has been a member of ACHPER for 50 years and presented the 29th Fritz Duras Lecture – ‘The Unrealised value of Human Motion – moving back to movement’ in the Council’s 60th Year Celebration in April of 2015.