About Wellbeing Evidence & Horizons Conference

Evidence & Horizons Conference

Australia’s leading multi-disciplinary,
evidence-based wellbeing and resilience conference

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Health, happiness and buoyancy – what works and what doesn’t?


From all corners of the globe, hear and debate the veracity of established, ground-breaking and on the horizon approaches to the joined agendas of nutrition, physical activity, public space, mindfulness and meditation, the gut and microbiome, work, sleep and leisure.


Wellbeing Evidence & Horizons Conference will be an international evidence-based conference that will be held in Melbourne at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from Tuesday 28th – Wednesday 29th April 2020. The event will run for 2-days and will bring together national and international attendees connected to and interested in the theme of evidence-based wellbeing and resilience as applied to organisations, the workplace and the community as a whole.

Benefits of Attending

Key Reasons to Attend for HR professionals and Business Leaders:-

  • Build your tool kit to develop sharper more engaged teams.
  • Support your people to build their best day.
  • Help your team cultivate good health and wellbeing leading to optimal performance.
  • Is your business developing a culture of positivity? Hear about genuine results that come from a wellbeing workplace.
  • Need to deliver a 360 view of wellbeing to your workplace? Bring a toolkit of science, practical tips and real examples back to your business.
  • Targeted networking with business and HR leaders.

Key Reasons to Attend for Health Professionals:-

  • A CPD point accredited conference that will add new methods and science to your toolkit.
  • Understand how to help clients prevent, manage and reverse chronic disease.
  • Empower your clients and patients to achieve their health-related goals.
  • Gain a greater understanding of science and its research-based application in the fields of wellbeing.
  • Appreciate how to support healthy cognitive functioning in both adults and young children through the use of omega-3.
  • Lead a forward thinking practice that helps clients to engage in decision making and attitude change that leads to positive health behaviour and improved health outcomes.

Who Should Attend

Specifically, the event will appeal to:

  • organisations and their leaders who are interested in enhancing health, wellbeing and resilience within their teams;
  • leaders and managers who are developing and leading wellbeing programs within their organisations;
  • practicing mental health professionals; and
  • others working in the fields of:
  • psychology
  • mental health
  • neuroscience
  • natural therapies
  • health and fitness
  • counselling
  • employee engagement
  • coaching
  • HR management and business.


Currently, at least in Australia, ‘wellbeing’ is a relatively blurred field of agencies, beliefs and practices. The aims of Wellbeing Evidence & Horizons Conference are to encourage continued conferencing of credible agencies and individuals, a stronger application of research/science, and the possible formation of a preeminent Australia body, with links internationally.

Initiator and Organiser

All Occasions Group – AOG – (www.alloccasionsgroup.com) is the initiator and organiser of Wellbeing Evidence & Horizon Conference . Founded in 1998, AOG currently supplies specialised conference and event management services around Australia.

National Company

AOG is a national company with a solid reputation for managing national and international conferences and events, and delivering domestic and international travel management services. Today, AOG comprises an experienced team of 18 multi-skilled event and hospitality specialists who provide an unrivalled range of corporate capabilities matched with a premium level of service.

Added Vision

On the back of recent achievements, AOG recently added a vision to create innovative and pioneering inaugural conferences, to give emerging industries, professions, pursuits, etc. the confidence to grow by working together.

The Driver

AOG’s Managing Director, Anne-Marie Quinn, is personally driving the Wellbeing  initiative. She has a keen personal interest in wellbeing and resilience and the tools used.