FREE WEBINAR – Handling Emotions In Uncertain Times
4 August 2020

Handling Emotions In Uncertain Times

The Wellbeing Evidence & Horizons Conference and the Langley Group invite you to join the FREE WEBINAR – Handling Emotions In Uncertain Times.

With the current global situation, we are all experiencing changes to our lives that may provide us with emotional challenges. This session helps address some of the emotions we may be experiencing with changes in our routine, our work, our finances.

The session explores:
• How emotions influence us and assessing our current emotional response
• The impact of changes on our emotions and our ability to look after ourselves
• Developing skills to handle emotions as you experience them, rather than running away
• Strategies to handle anxiety, fear, concern and worry
• Awareness of the impact of denying emotions and longer-term negative consequences

If you’re unable to make the live session, please register anyway to receive a recording within a week of the webinar.

**Please check your junk email, and/or contact your IT Support, to ensure that you can receive emails from GoTo Webinar, as you will need these to access the session and its recording**

FLOURISH 2020 Highlights

InsideOut in collaboration with Dr Suzy Green, Founder and CEO of the Positivity Institute are very excited by the success of the Flourish 2020 event.

We are thrilled to be able to bring to you some of the highlight presentations from some of the 30+ world renowned invited speakers, who are top names in their fields, from across the globe.

Stay tuned for the highlights from Flourish 2020.